The role of a parent booster/helper:
By definition, the role of the booster organization is to “boost” the instrumental music program in a positive manner. The purpose of the Clovis High School Instrumental Music Boosters is to advance the best interests of the Clovis High School Band, Color Guard, and Orchestra programs by providing support, as requested by the director(s). All parents or guardians of students enrolled in the instrumental music program are members of the non-profit Clovis High School Instrumental Music Boosters organization. Maintaining a thriving instrumental music program requires support and fundraising beyond that is provided by the school system.


Booster Board  2014-2015 School Year

Frances Hernandez-Candelaria:  (559)-287-1564

Vice President(s) – Fundraising Chairs
Ramona James:  (559)-321-6705
Leigh Ann Spitzer:  (559)-367-2963

Jennifer Mills:  (559)-765-8235
Audria Bissic-Lewis: (559)-903-4912

Diana Crain:  (559)-709-8000

2014-2015 Parent Leads

Shares Card & E-script:
Wendy Avery –  (559)-999-0916
Brandy Grotewold –  (559)-765-5010

Family Dinner Nights:
Elizabeth Brown-  (559)-241-9743

Save Around Coupon Book:

We Care Coffee:
Brenda Mariucci –  (559)-260-3256

Pancake Breakfast:
Grady Rhodes –    (559)-940-195
Leigh Ann Spitzer –  (559)-367-2963
Frances Hernandez-Candelaria-  (559)-287-1564

Marie Calendar Holiday Pie’s:
Tracey Campbell –  (559)-824-9824

Greenery (Fall & Spring):(December & March/April)

Red Carpet Car Wash
Lisa Bowman –  (559) 287-8928

Yard Sale: (May)

CHS Football Concessions:
Grady Rhodes –  (559) 940-1956

Lead Parent Chaperones:
Linda Stevens – (559) 326-6472
Greg Sanchez –  (559) 436-9991

Cougar Kitchen – Leads: (Marching Band Season)
Jennifer Mericle – (559) 970-5053
Brad Mericle –  (559) 960-8895
Laurie Rhoads –  (559) 940-1948
Fukiko Kramer:

Truck “Goose” Driver:
Rodney Lawrence – (559)-300-0634
Mike Cowherd – (559) 906-4258
Robert Grijalva – (559) 321-1662        

Lead Pit Crew:

Mule Trailer Driver: (Marching/Winter Season)
Grady Rhodes –  (559)-940-1956
Mike Cowherd – (559)-906-4258

Band Poster:  (Summer)
Teresa Darrow – (559)-353-4047

Hospitality Chair: (WBA CHAMPIONSHIPS/SJVCGPR Shows/Other)

Donna Letson –   (559) 779-9363

Concessions Lead Purchaser: (WBA CHAMPIONSHIPS/SJVCGPR)

CBDA Ice Cream Server:(February)
Leigh Ann Spitzer –  (559)-367-2963
Julianne Duffy –  (559)-240-0217

World’s Famous Chocolate Candy Bars:

2015 Fireworks Booth Leads :(June 28-July 4)
This job is broken down into multiple committees to make the process as easy and smooth as possible.  Coordinators will be broken down to the following duties:
1. Lead TNT Contact/Correspondent – Booster Vice President(s) 
2. Lead Publicity- TBD
3. Lead Staffing/Coordinating Volunteers – Booster President/Secretary
4. Lead Coordination/Phone Communication – Booster Board Member/Secretary |
5. Lead Student Coordinator/Communication – IMC President
6. Lead Treasury – Booster Treasurer’s plus finance secretary
7. Lead Transportation –  Goose Driver(s)
* The entire booster board will help in one of these lead areas.

Some Quotes to think about as a parent/volunteer in this program…..
“I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that.
Then I realized I was somebody.” ~Lily Tomlin

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.
It’s not.”~Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~Margaret Mead