GSTOB Ad & Trophy Fundraiser


Each family has the opportunity to raise money to support the Instrumental Music Program, offsetting any instrumental music cost.

History – Clovis Schools co-sponsor this event and receive proceeds from the Golden State Tournament of Bands (GSTOB). GSTOB is held the first Saturday of November at Lamonica Stadium. Each school’s Booster organization works the event, sharing responsibilities of show hosting the day of.

Sponsorships – Each family can solicit sponsorships for the GSTOB program as outlined in the information packet. Proceeds will be contributed to the student’s current music program. Each program will then determine how the proceeds will be distributed.

How do I participate? – Attached are program and trophy sponsor sheets. You may make as many copies as you would like to. Carry these with you during the week. Talk to business owners, neighbors, friends, relatives, and anyone who might like to advertise in our program or sponsor a trophy. Ask them to fill out the form and mail it in no later than September 24th, so it arrives by September 28th. Make a follow up visit or phone call the weekend before the due date.

Please remember that all paper work and money must be mailed or hand delivered to Mrs. Stacey Cederquist, in the CHS YALE office by Friday, September 28, 2018. All checks must be made out to Cougar Foundation. The Yale office at Clovis High School is open Monday – Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Mail to:
C/O: Stacey Cederquist
CHS Yale Office
1055 Fowler Ave
Clovis, CA 93611

Please remember that checks are to be made out to Cougar Foundation!!!! Questions? Contact Stacey Cederquist or call 559-327-1350

GSTOB Fundraiser Forms (PDF 291kb)